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There are four energy storage solution categories that the people of Perth fall into – which one do you fall into?

Have you been considering solar battery storage solutions? You may fall into one of the categories below:

Category #1: You already have a solar PV system installed below and are receiving a generous solar tariff for exporting your solar energy to the grid under Victoria’s Premium Feed-In Tariff

Category #2: You already have a solar PV system but receive only a voluntary ‘retailer contribution’

Category #3: You don’t have a solar PV system installed yet

Establishing this first step is vital as, depending on what situation you are in, your energy storage needs will differ.

Category #1: You already have an existing PV system installed with access to VIC’s premium feed-in tariff

If you are already in this category, it may not be in your best financial interests to have batteries installed at this time. As you will be receiving an extremely generous tariff of 60c/kWh, you may want to consider changing your batteries until 2024.

Category #2: You have an existing PV system installed but you only receive a voluntary ‘retailer contribution’ amount of 6-8c/kWh

There was a stage when you were paid at a one-for-1 rate for every kWh of solar electricity that you exported to the grid. Now that these benefits have ceased, you only receive a voluntary retailer payment. You are in the perfect position to purchase a battery bank that will ‘soak up’ the solar energy you produce which is otherwise going into the grid for a nominal rate.

Category #3: You do not have an existing solar PV system installed yet

If you are in this position, then you are in the perfect position to select from the many solar batteries and storage systems that we offer. If you can afford it and it makes financial sense to you, you should definitely consider installing a battery solar system as soon as you find a good deal. Our team at Solar Harness can help you choose the right energy management system and solar battery sizes which will assist you in cutting down on your energy consumption and will allow you to get  good idea of how much battery capacity you need.

Interest in battery storage remains high in Australia!

Solar batteries are still in high demand; not only do they give the client the promise of energy self-sufficiency, they also give the client the piece of mind that they will have a back-up energy source in the event of a blackout.

Ask our friendly and experienced team at Solar Harness how we can help you assess a website today.

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