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Solar Harness are the perfect solar installers for your perth home!

As solar installer experts, we know you want your power company to be PAYING YOU for your excess electricity? Having home solar panels installed today is the answer! Today your home can be entirely energised by a never-ending supply of solar electricity with surplus power being fed back into the grid! You’ll also be reducing your carbon footprint with an energy-efficient, perfectly clean and endlessly-renewable source of power.

4 good reasons to call Solar Harness to be your solar installers for your Perth home today!

  1. Cut power bills, save money. Now you can turn your home into a mini-power station. After we install your premium quality solar panels and high-tech inverter, you’ll be converting pure sunlight into 240V electricity to power your appliances. All from the FREE energy supplied by the sun!
  2. Increase your home’s value. You can rest assured that our aesthetically pleasing designs integrate seamlessly with your home’s design. And as the cost of power rises, your Solar Harness system locks in the cost of your electricity. So the system becomes a valuable asset when assessing your property value.
  3. Reduce your carbon footprint. Right now, over 90% of Australia’s electricity is sourced from fossil fuels. The burning of these fossil fuels is a major contributor to harmful greenhouse gases. But did you know that in just 60 minutes, enough sunlight hits Earth to power us all for an entire year?
  4. We are Perth & WA’s most trusted solar energy supplier. We’ve quickly built a reputation as an industry leader. Our high-quality products and premium service (backed by our expert knowledge and expertise) has established Solar Harness as the most trusted solar energy supplier in Australia.

We pride ourselves on being able to design renewable energy systems to support sustainable lifestyles. We would eventually like to see a majority of Perth’s homeowners harnessing all of the power needs from the sun, and this can be achieved one solar panel at a time.

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