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Slash your power bills and reduce your carbon footprint with commercial solar. Australia is amongst the highest carbon polluters in the world per capita, whilst having the most solar resources of any populated country. Solar power is an inexhaustible and clean energy source providing significant benefits to all communities and organisation wisely adopting the technology.

Now, more than ever before, solar technology is commercially viable and offering significant value, opportunity and an excellent returns on investment. By investing in this well proven technology, a commercial solar system you will secure and fix your future energy supply.

Reduce your energy use and costs with Commercial Solar Panels!

With energy bills on the rise and the ever increasing cost of power, now is the perfect time to consider installing commercial solar panels in Melbourne. More and more companies are reaping the benefits of reduced power bills with the peace of mind of knowing that your business is using a clean and inexhaustible supply of energy.

Is solar right for your business?

Any company with a rooftop can benefit from installing a commercial solar panel system. At Solar Harness, we offer a variety of solar panel sizes and ranges to suit your businesses needs. 

Our qualified and experienced consultants will review your business space and energy consumption history in order to determine how your business can reduce energy consumption and operating costs associated with the energy demands of your business.

Commercial Solar Panels are our specialty!

Solar Harness is passionate about providing a commercial solar solution that will seamlessly work with your existing energy supply.  Our solar industry experience has enabled us to gain unique insights into providing our customers with high performing and durable commercial solar solutions. 

Design your solar panel with Solar Harness!

Commercial solar panels don’t have to be a burden. Solar Harness can help you to customise your solar panel needs to ensure that your new energy solutions become a part of your sustainability plan, rather than cause more problems for you. Our team’s extensive experience in research, development, design, and installation of commercial panels will help you to reduce your energy costs and take a big step forward in terms of meeting your energy consumption and sustainability goals.

Professional Commercial
Solar Panel Installers in Perth

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Solar leasing/financing

One of the limiting factors of commercial solar systems in the past has been the large capital outlay for solution. Solar Harness has secured access to commercial solar funding for any and all businesses wanting to adopt this fantastic technology with us. 


Advantages of Solar Financing

  • No upfront capital outlay
  • Retain your cash in your business for operational activities
  • Pay a fixed monthly rental for a specific agreed term
  • Transfer of ownership takes place at the end of the repayment term for a nominal value
  • Take advantage of tax offset and depreciation benefits
  • Many clients electricity offset is greater than their monthly repayments therefore positive cash flow from day 1
  • Provide you with the details and ability to negotiate with your current lender with whom you have an established relationship
Business Care

All major business decisions come down to the nuts and bolts of the business case. With solar Harness, you will be provided with a comprehensive commercial solar proposal providing you with all of the information you need to make an informed and calculated business decision on your investment.

We know what system size should be installed at your premises to maximise the numerous advantages of the solar system and will will give you a detailed financial analysis of the investment showing:

  • Capital outlay
  • Payback period and Return on Investment
  • Annual energy yield
  • The Net Present Value (NPV) of the investment
  • Various funding options available through Solar Harness

We will also give you a detailed design of the proposed system showing expected energy yields based on years of historical weather data. All warranty information supported by local suppliers and manufacturers i.e. not a name a number overseas that may or may not be in operation! After going through a solar Harness commercial proposal, you will undoubtedly have all of the required information to make a sound business decision.

Yes, of course the proposal is good for the environment, we will also show you that it is good for your business as well!

Issues with traditional electricity
  • Commercial & residential electricity tariffs are subsidised by the state Government. These subsidies are reducing and will continue to reduce therefore necessitating the continued increase of electricity tariffs.
  • The renewable energy Target scheme is designed to deliver on the Australian Government’s commitment to ensure that the equivalent of at least 20 per cent (from current 8%) of Australia’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2020. In essence, it is a government legislated requirement on electricity retailers to source specific proportions of total electricity from renewable energy sources which ultimately push up the supply and distribution price of traditional electricity in order to recover costs.
  • Significant network infrastructure investment is required to maintain the existing network, resulting in continued increasing pressure on electricity tariffs.
  • Commercial electricity prices have risen in excess of 70% over the last few years.
    Benefits of Commercial Solar
    • Attractive government rebates are still available for commercial solar installations. These will however continue to be reduced in time.
    • Take advantage of the significant reduction in the cost of quality solar systems seen over the last 18 months and enjoy the sound and attractive economic proposition solar now presents.
    • Eliminate the uncertainty around your current and future electricity supply costs and fix your future energy costs with free solar power.
    • Hedge yourself against future electricity price increases
    • Reduce your carbon footprint.
    • Increase the value of your property
    • Play an important part in enhanced sustainability and position your business as the environmental leader in your industry.
    • For landlords, create a new revenue stream without impacting tenants
    • Maximise tenant retention with fixed energy costs
    • Cash positive pay back periods can be realised through savings in short periods of time whilst utilising depreciation and tax incentives.
    • Solar Harness provides access to commercial solar financing, eliminating the burden of the initial capital expenditure yet providing the benefits of fixed costs and future energy certainty