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Stand alone solar systems, a.k.a off-grid solar systems, will allow you to get off the grid energy anywhere in Australia.

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Why is solar suitable for the Perth weather?
Living in Perth means more sun, more energy and ultimately, less electricity costs - the perfect setting for solar panels. 
Are there any Government incentives?
The government (both State and Federal) has incentives and rebates to lower the cost of your installation plus what they call renewable energy feed-in tariffs:

Basically, should your household or small business generate excess electricity, you can get paid for that excess!

So, with these government incentives and rebates, you can really lower the cost of installing solar power panels for your household or business. For our city of Perth, the discount you can receive for installing solar power systems can cover upwards of 30% of the cost.

Ultimately, you can harness the most the sun in Perth plus get excellent rebates and incentives for your solar panel installation in Western Australia:

Thus, cheaper installations, get paid for excess power = more savings on your electricity costs.

Are we at risk of blackouts in Perth?
For all Western Australians, reliability and security of energy sources should be a big concern. Take for example the recent South Australian rolling power blackouts. This event showed all Australians the potential for freak weather disasters to damage critical power sources and cause absolute havoc for an entire state population. This coupled with increasing concentration of populations in city areas causes great strain on power grids. But that’s not all:

Summer is here, and all-weather forecasts show that this summer is going to be hot!

So increased population density, hotter summers and higher chance of freak weather accidents equals higher chances of extended power blackouts.

But one important solution? Your solar panels are you own power station and grid. So, you have an extra source of reliable energy to draw on should there be a rolling blackout.

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How else will we benefit from solar?
If this was not obvious from the outset, then let it be perfectly clear: your solar power panels are saving you on electricity costs every day! But that’s not all:

All reports suggest that electricity prices are going to increase no matter what! Higher electricity prices are only going to make it more stressful for families to make ends meet or for small businesses to operate with higher fixed costs.

But with solar power, your solar panels are your own power station. So, if prices are only increasing, you have made the smart decision because you are saving more each time electricity prices increase!

Is solar an investment?

Each year solar panels systems are becoming even more of a viable option for families and small businesses as installation cost decrease. Solar power is truly a vital option for all families and businesses in the age of rising electricity costs, temperatures and overcrowding of power grids.

It is an investment and here at Solar Harness, we care about turning your home or business into its own power station and ultimately ensuring you save on costs:

So, you can stress less about your electricity bills!

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It truly feels like using panels to harness solar power, particularly in Perth, is becoming the solution to the pain of ever rising electricity prices. Energy prices and costs are seemingly increasing at ridiculous rates for all Western Australians. And the bottom line? The higher the cost, the higher the stress for families and businesses on monthly budgets.

But if you invest the time and money into a solar panels system, you can well and truly save on those electricity bills: ultimately, saving on the stress that ever-increasing electricity prices are inducing.

With over 25,000 solar power systems installed across Perth & WA, we are exclusive distributors of German manufactured SolarWatt Solar Panels.

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Over 33,000 solar systems installed across Perth

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