Solar Hot Water

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A solar hot water system is a great investment not just for your electricity bills, but it also improves the value of your property while saving the planet from even more dangerous greenhouse gas emissions! Plus, with Solar Harness, you are in the best hands for the installation and cost-effectiveness of our solar heating systems.

But your first question may be: how much will it cost me to install a solar hot water system for my home in Perth?

Solar Hot Water System Price in Perth

Very fair question! Cost is always a big question for any concerned buyer – but that’s the beauty of a solar hot water system because over time it pays you back for the initial set-up cost.

Generally, you can expect to pay around $3000 to $7000 for a fully installed Solar Power water system in Perth. But that price can depend on a range of different factors.

Besides the cost of the system, you have to factor in:

  1. The cost of installation,
  2. WA Government Rebates;
  3. and the price of STCs

These factors can all influence the final price you pay but luckily, we can help you figure out the right price with a specialised quote that meets your needs!

So the cost may be a bit off-putting at first, but it is a long term investment that pays you back and with government rebates, you can reduce your installation costs! And it does not stop that with just cheaper electricity bills.

How do hot water systems work?

So you want to invest in solar hot water – that’s great! But you don’t quite know how it works? We have simplified the whole process in three easy steps:

Step 1: Sunlight strikes the “absorber” and sunlight rays are absorbed

Step 2: Heat is transferred from the pipes to the insulated manifold box

Step 3: A pump then circulates water from the storage tank to the insulated manifold box where it is heated up. Solar heated water is then pumped into the storage tank, ready for you to use!

Why a solar hot water system saves you money and saves the planet as well!

So you now know that a well-chosen solar hot water system that meets your needs can significantly reduce your power bill costs – and with conventional electricity prices going through the roof, the time to invest in solar power is now!

However, when you invest in solar power you are helping reduce harmful greenhouse gases!

If you did not know, the biggest single source of greenhouse gas emissions for Western Australian homes comes from heating water. So when we say you are helping reduce harmful greenhouse gases – we mean it!

But it does not stop there with cheaper electricity bills or helping save the planet:

Like we said before, a solar hot water system is an investment for your property value. Thus you not only are reducing your bills but you are improving the value of your property if you choose to sell it later on.

Lastly, a solar hot water system gives your home energy independence. So should extreme weather hit or power outages happen, you will always have access to hot water via your solar hot water system.

Ultimately, by making this important decision to invest a solar hot water system, you will definitely be a winner in the long run: cheaper power bills, help save the planet and give your home energy dependency!

The solar hot water brands that we work with

But with cost comes the assurance of a high quality product!