If you’ve decided to explore the possibility of installing a solar power system at your home, one of the primary considerations is selecting the right solar installer. At Solar Harness, we want you to make this decision with confidence, ensuring you receive top-notch service, the right products, and valuable advice. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality solar panels, inverters, and mounting systems, accompanied by a consultative service that is transparent and pressure-free.

Not all solar companies uphold the same high standards we adhere to. To help you avoid costly mistakes, here is our guide to choosing the right solar installer.

Limited Information and Dubious Discounts

In the realm of solar, knowledge empowers decision-making. The more informed you are, the more likely you’ll recognize Solar Harness as one of Australia’s most reputable and competent solar companies. However, less scrupulous installers may attempt to exploit your lack of knowledge.

Be wary of:

  • Overpriced quotes
  • Claims of high-quality products despite evidence to the contrary
  • Exaggerated estimates of production and savings
  • Time-limited discounts with pressure tactics to prompt quick, uninformed decisions

Genuine discounts are not time-restricted and shouldn’t disguise inflated product prices. Take your time, conduct thorough research, and question any offers that seem rushed.

Insist on a Site Inspection and Home Consultation

At Solar Harness, we prioritise a personal approach, offering free site inspections, home consultations, and in-person advice at our offices. Unfortunately, many national solar companies solely provide quotes and advice through email, lacking the personal touch. To ensure you deal with a reputable, local, and personal solar company, look for:

  • Online testimonials and reviews, showcasing both positive and negative feedback
  • A local office address, not just a PO Box
  • A physical presence with a proper office, not a dubious backyard operation
  • Evidence of extensive experience, including involvement in large commercial solar projects

Inferior Products

While there are numerous high-quality solar panels on the market, there are also inferior ones often imported by companies prioritising low prices over quality. These subpar panels may perform well initially but tend to degrade and fail over time due to harsh Australian conditions. not only that – but they are also a safety hazard. Issues may include:

  • Significant degradation in performance
  • Discoloration
  • De-lamination
  • Burnt-out connectors
  • Isolator failures
  • Junction box failures

Even on a budget, you can acquire quality solar panels without compromising. Solar Harness offers solutions tailored to both your power needs and budget. 

Consider the quality of your inverter as well, as it plays a crucial role in system reliability. 

Now you have the knowledge to make an informed decision, it’s time to research your options. If you need assistance, advice, or support, contact Solar Harness at 1300 881 440 or request a call-back. Our experienced energy consultants are ready to help over the phone, at our office, or by arranging a free in-home consultation.