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Is my solar system covered by a warranty?

Every product we supply has been prudently selected to be of the highest quality, performance and with absolute long jeopardy in mind. All solar PV panels we sell are covered by a performance warranty, usually spanning 25 years. Additionally, manufacturing warranties can cover your entire solar power system for up to 10 years. As we stock a variety of brands, warranty specifications will differ from product to product. Refer to your customer handbook for specific warranties on your system.

What does my warranty cover?

Generally, most mechanical defects will be covered during the warranty period as long as they are deemed a manufacturing fault. Most suppliers also guarantee 80% power production for the first 25 years of your solar power system’s life.

It is important to understand that warranty terms and conditions vary supplier to supplier. Solar Harness, being the retailer in this case, will liaise with the appropriate manufacturer on your behalf regarding a warranty claim. It is important to bear in mind that in some cases, we will have to identify the issue via a site visit and potentially wait on manufacturers parts to arrive which can add a little bit more time to the job.

Are Solar Harness’s PV panels and inverters tested to Australian quality standards?

Absolutely! Often the Australian marketplace is flooded with substandard and potentially dangerous imports. It is important to be vigilant when selecting solar energy products and suppliers alike. Solar Harness only stocks solar PV panels and inverters accredited by the Clean Energy Council – Australia’s peak body for clean energy. All of our Installers and technicians are qualified electrical contractors and accredited by the Clean Energy Council.

Are my solar panels suitable to handle extreme weather conditions?

Not all Solar Panels are made equal which is again why Solar Harness has a very particular selection process.  The Solar panels we supply are designed to withstand the harshest weather climates and conditions, from blistering heat to freezing cold. In particular, our exclusive German manufactured Solar panels endure testing that exceeds many international standards test by up to 100 times including many extra quality assurance tests that most other manufacturers don’t conduct. From ‘cricket ball’ sized hail stones at extreme speeds, to immense pressure weighting and salt mist corrosion testing, our modules are put through the vigour to ensure they will withstand the test of time in all weather conditions.

Why does my system switch off at night?

At night, as soon as there is an insufficient amount of sunlight available, your system will shut down, resting until the next day. It is therefore completely normal for your solar power system to shut down in the evening.

Will my solar power system work during a power outage?

In the event of a power outage your solar power system will switch off and remain inactive until power returns. This is a mandatory safety feature of your solar power system. It is designed to protect those who may be working on the grid to get it back up and running.

You must ensure that all of the switches on your solar power system are set to ‘on’ when the grid returns to normal. If your switches are turned off, you will not generate solar electricity.

An error/fault message is displaying on my inverter screen?

Most often, error and fault messages simply relate to a short-term disturbance to the main power grid, generally caused by unforeseen voltage spikes, which can make your inverter manually shut down in order to protect your property (and itself!). Such an event will cause an error message to display.

It is recommended that you monitor your system overnight, as generally it will correct itself. You may also try restarting your system manually following our easy guide located on the front of your Inverter.  You can consult your inverter booklet for all error message codes, helping you to determine whether the system will correct itself or whether you will need to let us know.

Why is my solar power system working inefficiently?

If you’ve noticed a substantial change in your energy savings, there are a number of things that you should check before worrying about a fault with your solar power system.

Check how many units (kilowatt hours – kWh) you’ve used in the past, compared with now, using previous and current bills. The power generated by your solar PV panels and inverter won’t grow with your daily/average consumption. Put simply, if you’ve been using more power than normal, you will pay more when your electricity bill arrives.

While you’ve got your electricity bills out, check the rate at which your utility is charging you for power. You may be paying more per quarter, not because your solar system is working poorly, but because of additional costs issued by your supplier, even price rises.

Have a good look at your solar PV panels during the day and check that neighbouring buildings, trees or other structures aren’t blocking sunlight from reaching the panels. Though your installer would have ensured a non-obstructed view of the sun at the time of installation, new factors may have emerged that are obstructing your panels from working properly.

Its important to remember what type of metering situation you home has. For Net metering (most of WA) only exported power is shown on your bill with all power generated and directly used by the home effectively bypassing the billing process.  You can look at your meter export channel and then your inverter to see how much power you are using directly in the home and how much you are sending out into the grid. Your time of use will be crucial to your billing and should always be taken into account based on what export tariff you are on.

How do I check my solar system’s performance and kWh generation?

There are two things to consider here: Your inverter reading and your meter reading.

Your Installer would have run you through the relevant areas of you inverter on the day of fitting however this can be easy to forget! Simply consult your inverter booklet for instructions on how to gather the relevant information. Most inverters we supply are quite user friendly and will show you the daily and total figures on the default screen.

Reading your meter is easy once you know how, but before you start, you need to identify the type of meter that’s installed on your property.

In most cases, the type of meter installed in your home depends on your electricity provider. Choose from the following providers below and click the link to find your relevant instructions:

Should I get my solar power system serviced?

Solar PV servicing is an easy, affordable and important way to ensure that your solar power system remains safe and effective, providing you peace of mind that your system is working to the best of its ability.

Solar Harness recommends servicing once a year. Our service technicians will perform a comprehensive ‘systems health checks’ and a detailed clean of your unit. This is also a great time to mention any questions or concerns that you may have about your solar power unit.

Will Solar Harness service and/or repair solar systems installed by other suppliers?

Solar Harness receives several calls a week from customers having warranty and performance issues who have been left stranded by uncaring solar companies, as well as manufacturers and suppliers who are no longer in business. Our technicians are world class and are always kept up-to-date with the technology of our own products, as well as those of our competitors, so be sure to give us a call if you need to get your system back up and running.

What happens during a service/repair and how long does it take?

After you fill out a fault report and confirm your details with a Solar Harness representative, we’ll assess the necessity to organise for a service technician to visit your property.

Though you do not have to be home while we work on your solar power system, we will need access to your main inverter, switchboard and roof. Servicing times vary depending on the work that is required, but typically most jobs are complete in less than two hours.

If additional work is required, you will receive a new quote, rather than any unexpected charges on your invoice.

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