If you can afford to pay the power bills in your business, you can afford to go solar. Solar Harness have put together 4 reasons why you just can’t afford to ignore it commercial solar anymore.

Return on Investment within 3-5 Years

If you could see your ROI being delivered to you between 3-5 years (and in some cases less) then FREE electricity thereafter, you simply cannot afford not to go solar. Ask us how you could also benefit from tax benefits and government grants when looking at investing in solar energy with Solar Harness.

Minimise business costs with low Energy Bills

With electricity prices continually proving to be unstable and higher rates possibly on the horizon, Solar Harness Commercial Solar can help you save money and reduce business expenses.

Build your brand as a sustainable business

With the huge focus on “going green”, installing Solar Harness Commercial Solar in your business concretes your commitment to the environment.

With customers showing a preference to environmentally friendly businesses and the huge focus on “global warming” can you afford not to be seen as green?

Commercial Solar is now more affordable with Solar Harness

Solar Harness commercial solar systems are increasingly more affordable with many businesses with our great finance options and quick payback periods!

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