We are well in to 2019 and more and more Australians are choosing to go solar, and why not considering you can power your household with FREE electricity during the day?

At Solar Harness we are all about helping you save – so we have put together 3 tips and tricks on how you can SAVE MORE with your solar panels.

Get busy while the sun is shining

Unless you have Solar Harness battery solar to store all the electricity generated during the day, our tip is to maximise your usage as much as you can to get FREE electricity while the sun is shining. This means running your dishwasher, washing machine or your dryer during the day and avoid running them at night where possible.

If you work during the day, no worries – we at Solar Harness have put together some tips to help you maximise your savings:

  1. Charge any electronic devices during the day, e.g. laptop, iPad, tablet etc and ensuring you unplug them at night to avoid using paid electricity
  2. If possible, set timers on your appliances to run them during the day and make sure you switch them off before the sun sets

If you want to use your appliances at night and don’t have a batter installed, as us how we can help you with Solar Harness Battery Solar!

Conserve Energy, one appliance at a time

Your usage habits during the day will determine the type of Solar Harness solar system you have. We also take into consideration the amount of electricity you will need to generate in your home to run them all. To save your energy, Solar Harness suggests using one appliance at a time.

This means if you are having a shower, make sure you aren’t using the washing machine or dishwasher, or if you are cooking dinner, making sure the TV isn’t on at the same time (unless there is a must watch show on the tele!).

The savvier you can get, the more your hip pocket will love you.

Don’t let your panels get dirty

By cleaning your Solar Harness solar panels every six – 12 months, you will optimise the amount of direct sun that the panels can absorb.

There is no point in having a great set of Solar Harness solar panels on your roof if they are covered in mould, dirt and bird droppings which will effect the amount of sunlight that can get through.

Also keep an eye out for any trees or bushes that are becoming overgrown that could potentially block the sun off as well – this will diminish the panels ability to soak up all that free electricity.

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